Following the tradition set forth by MountainCommand, the 3rd annual Tri-State Oppo Meetup/Hawk’s Nest Meet is happening!

Starting in 2013, Oppo got together despite the fog and cold. MountainCommand put it together on a whim, and many Oppos made it out, the turnout was spectacular, though I wasn’t able to make it out (and I do regret that greatly). Everything from MountainCommand’s Prelude to a Delorean made the trek.


Last year, MountainCommand ended up moving down to the Memphis area, so before he left, I made sure Oppo got together and saw that he had one last good time out here.

This year, we’re doing it all over again!

2013 Meetup

2014 Meetup

Oppo is an amazing diverse group, so if you think that your car isn’t “special enough,” just remember that it absolutely is special enough for an Oppo Meetup!


If you got my email and didn’t respond (there’s many of you), just remember, I know your emails!

If you live in the NJ/PA/NY area and want to attend the meet, email me soon! [username] I’ll give you the details of where we are meeting up before heading to High Point.