Re-post for people who aren’t vampires, or European.

First I’m going to do the special requests that people submitted yesterday. Then it’s just going to be fairly random pictures of things that were shiny, and me doing my best to sound like an auto journalist or Mr. Regular.

DISCLAIMER: All pics were taken with a cheap smart phone, so don’t expect perfection. At least they’re all landscape, except for a few that merit portrait mode.


First up, Racin’ Jasons request for Honda Ridgeline, Fiat 124, and Civics, (don’t worry “other sports cars” is covered extensively later.)

At this point, I’ll add I learned nothing new about any of the Honda’s. At least tech wise. Honda didn’t have much, or any, material out. It was basically just a dealer showroom without salesman. This may change this weekend though.

That fucking light’s actually kind of blinding in these :(
Nice, big, beautiful center storage thing.

IDK what that button does, but I like it.

I’m 6'1 and fit back there reasonably, comfortably would be relative.


Now on to the Civics

A nice green

The harsh lighting was just wrecking my potato.

I though the hatch was underwhelming

I think this is the 1.5T, but I don’t remember. That MC is waaaay back there though.
Available colors. That’s the interiors on the outside, but you can’t see them for shit.

Now to the Fit.

The camera had a much easier time with the white cars.

The key location, lol.

There’s that ECON button again.

You weren’t allowed to get close to it :( Although I can say the interior is the exact same as the Miata, as far as I could tell. Couldn’t get a good pic of it though.

Now on to the Lexi

This car, maybe, had the most old school interior there.

Those JAAAAAG door handles doe

Yeah, I didn’t wait for people to get out of the way. There was tons of shit to see so I was in a hurry.


Idk what’s with the grey mirrors.

I accidentally deleted the pic of the dash, oops.

Painted intake runners, I like.

Now on to the Jaaaaaag F-type. Not sure if it was a 2017 or ‘18 though.

It still looks gorgeous though, even when photographed by a potato fortunately.

Before hand, I didn’t know it had a clamshell hood.

Now we’ll go, roughly, in order from when I got to the show.

First thing I saw was this Ford prototype thing that seemed interesting. It’s a small CUV/hatchback with the 1.0L ecoboost.

Wasn’t able to get inside of it :(

Then a Focus RS. I never knew how much flake they put in the paint. Unfortunately you can’t see it in the pictures.

Then the ‘stangs

The only turbo actually seen that day, thanks to engine covers :(
This was a cutaway of the Boostang engine.

Then there was a party bus Transit.

Then the two Alfas

Onward to GM

Chevy Volt

Then the Buick convertible. The Cascada or something.

So many buttons...
Modern headlights sure are getting purdy

I think this is the LaCrosse, not sure though.

Now a Cadillac that’s not the CT6

Now the CT6. Which to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed with, compared to the one above.

Only one pic lol

Then the ‘yotas. They really wanted you to know that they make trucks, and a NASCAR. and the Prius shhh!

I need shocks the size of my DIIIIIIICK!
Lug nuts on a racecar SMDH

Back to more TRUCKS!

Tacoma interior
Underside of a Tundra
The biggest ball joint I’ve ever seen. I know it’s bigger than the one’s on Humvees for a fact.

Time for the Koreans!

A hybrid doodah. I included a pic of a pamphlet.


These are the only two decent pictures I got of the Stinger. My potato couldn’t handle the fact it was spinning at 3 rpm.

Then... The concepts.

So hip, much youth, very the cats pajamas
I’ll spare you from more than two pics :)

I’ll let them introduce themselves.

Here, have a cookie

The Civic’s cousin who went to med school.

Then the, according to FP, basically a NSX :]

Then to Volvo. Which I must say. Their seats didn’t live up to the hype. The interiors were absolutely lovely, but honestly I preferred the Mazada’s and most other’s seats.

Don’t worry For Sweden. I’ll voluntarily ban myself :(

FYI. The interior shot’s are of two different cars. I didn’t take any exterior shot’s of the other one. I think it was an SUV or something.

Possibly my favorite interior detail right here.
Just imagine how annoying this would be to keep clean XD
Did you notice the grill is concave?
Did you notice the grill is concave!?

Now some exotics. Maybe I’m dead inside. But I didn’t really car for any of them, except the Lotuses and one of the Aston Martins.

I do like the grill on the 911 though.

Smoke break, time to check out what’s in the parking lot.

Whoever owns that is definitely the coolest guy ever. All of you should give him $5 just because of how awesome he is :)
Yes, that does say “insert crowd here”
I never realized how small those “older” Porches are.

Now fer ‘Merican classics and others.

But first the new Continental.

“Keep off display” How unAmerican SMDH.
The center console in the back seat BTW
2nd best door interior after Volvo


Did you see smokey and the bandit? I saw smokey and the bandit. (Actually I didn’t. Just quoting RCR.)
Incoming! Maximum Torch!
Yeah, a VW bus Ute.
Your argument is invalid.
Replica BTW


My suspension’s scared of the dark.

Oh shit! The Lotus is gonna try and show’em up!

Ahhh, nice try buddy.

Mazada and VW

FYI I’ve been making this for over an hour at this point.

The Mazada6, you already now what the exterior looks like.

I thought this was cool. It’s the same thing a luxury brand had, just cheaper material.
It goes back all the way.

Now the 3. Which really is just a shorter 6. If you don’t need the extra space. I’d highly recommend it over the 6.

RF Miata

Now for one of my favorite car’s at the show.

Damn, this picture looks like something out of a press release!
I think this may be the best picture I took there. Great job with the lighting VW!

Also I must confess. I have a thing for the new new beetle, it’s true.

Mmmmm. Body color interior.
This one didn’t even have an engine :(
The most complicated stalk I’ve ever seen.

Now for that new SUV thingy.


Misc. stuff (I’m getting tired.)

A KIA concept BTW.
I need Doug to tell me the KWERKS!

And now, last but not least.

As Moog said in the MCM/Roadkill special.

“Give me America!”


These wheels look a lot better, or at least flashier, in person.
Heated and cooled cupholders
A button opens the glove box. Which is lined in soft whatever stuff.
I could live in this thing
The one panel that’s plastic, so your kids don’t fuck it up.
Dat V8
The only easily reachable MC scored it some points in my book.

And one last thing. When I grabbed my wallet off my nightstand this morning, there was some change under it. One of the coins started spinning and landed like this.

I shit you not.

Anyway feel free to ask me anything or yell about the bad photos. Goodnight, good sir/ma’am.