Hello there Oppo! I started a new job about two weeks ago and one of the many perks is a great neighborhood to go on a walk in at lunch time. Anyway, on these daily walks I’ve been passing by a forlorn VW Beetle. Not sure of the year, but its a “New Beetle.” Stick shift, blue paint, no apparent body damage (similar to the picture). Pretty sure it’s a 2.0L because there are no turbo badges. It obviously hasn’t moved for many months. The tires are about halfway deflated and the brake rotors are completely rusted over. I’ve developed a soft spot for these goofy little cars (my wife has an ‘04 convertible) and it just feels like this little car is calling out to me for help every time I walk by it. I’ve been considering leaving a note under the wiper with my email in hopes that the owner might contact me about selling it. The trouble is, I don’t know what’s wrong with it, and I have no idea what non running cars sell for. 500? 1000? 500 or less and I would bring it home, assuming there are no catastrophic problems.

It would be a project car. I would probably fix it up, enjoy it for a few months and then sell it. I’m quite capable when it comes to fixing cars and I’ve got VCDS from Ross Tech. I would give it a thorough looking over before buying, of course. The registration sticker on the license plate indicates that it expires in June 2016, so the car has likely been sitting for less than six months. Ironically, the license plate is “LV BUG.” This bug hasn’t felt much love lately.


Do you have any advice for me? This would be the first time I’ve taken on a project like this.