I suck at washing cars! Every time I wash them, I'm too scared to scratch the clear coat that I use small microfiber cloths to dry my car. And I don't have a shady place to do it either so the sun dries up and water spots happen! They're all over my car. :(

I use quarter washes, I never use a brush on anything but the wheels(ST's have brake dust problems), I use simple soap and water, and wheel/tire cleaner. I can't wax for crap either..

My quick detailer makes the spots go away, but I know they're still there. I don't want to use a towel that you'd normally use for showers because I'm worried about scratches in the clear coat. I don't want to polish because you've only got so much clear coat to start with.

Tell me Oppo, what am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?