This Isuzu was recognized in the rare car category. It is more rare than mine.
This thing was gorgeous.
So many Zs
Celicas! Personally, Iike the notchback in this generation.
This guy has owned the car since 1971, and it has the stickers to prove it.
So stock, origonal owner for 46 years.
I met this guy at Toyotafest
240SX, yo.
Because race car
Original owner since 1971. I wanted to hug him, but that would be inappropriate
B210s rule.
Proper use of a van
Best car in the show, in my humble opinon.
My engine bay is as clean as you will see in a car driven regularly
69 Isuzu unicorn
Mazda racecar
This was in the Touge with us
Cressida wagon!
This car rules
Prelude conversion. I could not figure out who the coachbuilder was.

The 69 Isuzu was recognized for its rarity. I can accept when one is morw deserving than mine.