This is the legendary BMW E30 M3:

in 1988 its mad, race derived, 2.3L four cylinder put out 192 horsies, giving it the highest specific output of any normally aspirated piston engine of its day.

0-60 blurred past in 6.9 seconds.

1/4 mile in 15.2 sec @ 92 mph.

They had sublime handling as well, and have rightly earned collector car status, demanding some lofty prices for good examples.

This is the Subaru BRZ:

It's 2014 2.0L flat 4 only puts out a middling 200hp, way underpowered.

0-60 takes forever at 6.3 seconds.

1/4 mile is a yawn inducing 14.9 @ 95 mph.

It does, however, also possess sublime handling that is universally praised.

Oh, and the BRZ starts at a way overpriced $25,495. T

he BMW rang in at $34,810. In 1988. In 2014 dollars that's $69,530.