You see that guy up there? That's what most of us are. We're all just normal people who visit Gawker media sites because we're bored or trying to avoid work, and we'd rather read about stuff that we're interested in or agree with. Though that's probably the case, I still can't help visualizing the authors and regulars of each site as very different people...

First, since this is Opposite lock, let's take a look at the Jalopnik community of authors and readers. To me, we're all the cool, James Dean-style 50's greaser gearheads. Needless to say, Jalopnik is the most awesome site on Gawker media.

Next up is the most friendly and helpful site on Gawker media, Lifehacker. You really can't say many bad things about those authors or commentators. Their stuff has saved me from countless hours of frustration. Here's how I picture them:

Next up is Deadspin. To me, they're a bunch of loud, crazy sports fans who occasionally like to cook. Most of the time they're angry and unprofessional, but still entertaining. I picture them like this:

Gizmodo is perhaps the trickiest of the bunch. A lot of the time their articles are professional and well thought out, but many times there is nothing but rampant fanboyism and angry flame wars in the articles and comments. Because of this, I imagine them like this:

i09 is just kind of silly to me. They look like this:

Finally we've got the sorriest excuse for a news site, Gawker. Gawker is to unbiased facts what Justin Bieber is to marine biology. The best thing I can relate their community to is gossiping teenagers, but I fear it's too much of an insult to the girls.

So yeah, thats how I think of all y'all. If you notice I left out Kotaku a Jezebel. Kotaku was omitted because I couldn't find any decent pictures of angry 12 year old playstation fanboys. My image of Jezebel was left out to keep this safe for work and for my own personal safety.