Doesn't it seem like manufacturers are pretty far behind on this growing tech segment? Dash cams are more than just a toy to catch stupid people getting hurt in amazing new ways (although that is an awesome feature), they are actually a useful tool to decide fault in an accident, prove your innocence, identify criminals, and fight fraud.

How long until dash cams become standard equipment?

But who wants another device that suctions to their windshield and takes up a power socket? Aren't consumers just now getting the clutter off their dashboards with built in nav and Bluetooth streaming phones? We're living in a time when even keys hanging from the ignition is considered messy, and a huge burden to have to put in/take out with every trip. Do you really want to have to unhook your camera and take it inside with you so it doesn't get stolen like it's a pull-out Alpine Dolby cassette deck and it's 1987? I don't.


So come on manufacturers, give me a built-in dash cam. Make it connect to my wireless network so that when my car's in the garage I can review the footage on my iPad. Make it connected, automatic, integrated, and better.