The Best Explanation Ever Given For Why Street Courses Are So Tough

"[Racing on a street course] is no different than walking on a straight line. It's easy to do, unless it's a tightrope." - Tommy Kendall, providing the best explanation for why street courses are so much harder to drive cleanly than road courses.

This is all from Shakedown's great episode with TK, providing a different persepective on racing than the typical parroting of the same old opinions you get everywhere else on the Internet. Also, you get to learn the story of the chicken car. Oh, and Leo shows off how tall he is compared to wee little Tommy.

WTF Racing Questions w/ Tommy Kendall - /SHAKEDOWN TrackDown

SRT Viper racer Tommy Kendall and Corvette Racing Doug Fehan share TrackDown duties when Leo Parente and /ShakeDown go to the racetrack. TK takes his turn from the Baltimore GP. Topics are How To Race A Street Course [Prophetic!], PitLane Etiquette, Which F1 Team for Kimi in 2014, and more. TK has answers.

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