Hello Oppnauts. It is about time I made a post on here and stop lurking, liking, and replying.

The turn signal, why is it the human race, mostly just Americans likely, find it so hard to use the little level that moves just 1/4 of an inch up or down to indicate your direction of intended travel?


This has always be a pet-peeve of mine and over the past two days I seem to have noticed an increase in the amount of inconsiderate and unsafe individuals that feel they do not need to use this indicator. Now, I drive a BMW and I am from NJ, so immediately I am considered one of the worst drivers in the history of driving by most people, but yet I manage to use a turn signal whenever I switch lanes, move over in any fashion, or prepare to make a turn; note I said prepare, not indicate I am turning by activating my turn signal mid turn.

Last night my girlfriend and I were walking around and on several occasions, we were in crosswalks when cars approached and gave us looks or hand gestures, because they intended to turn while not utilizing that wonderful little light and lever.

There are few things in terms of the auto industry that I think were absolutely brilliant government mandates, but the turn signal is one such item. I would love to change careers and become a police officer and write tickets for improper lane changes or turns without signaling. Where are the police officers when people do things like that? I'll tell you where, pulling either myself or some poor other individual over who was going 5 mph over a posted speed limit that is too low for the area; my police rant will come another time.


Driving should be a privilege and not a right. Yes it requires some level of focus, and all you morons who text and drive should have that privilege revoked., but if you can't utilize one of the most simple aspects of the automobile that can help you safely arrive at your destination, you should also not be entitled to drive until you learn how to do so. I often track my car with the BMW CCA and @BKRM3 and as many of you who do the same know you need to give point-bys for safe passing, until you reach the advanced levels where some don't require it, which is kind of like a reverse turn signal to me. I know not everyone does there HPDE events, but everyone should do at least one properly conducted event and maybe we would all be safer on the road.

This also goes for those who leave the turn signal on; the eventual turn. What this indicates to me is that you are paying no attention to your gauge cluster. Yes, I know some cars, click, beep, or make other noise if you forget to turn the indicator off but we shouldn't need that. I analogize that to the signs that exist in the present day that say wait for green next to the traffic light. Really?!? Seriously though, if you are properly looking at you gauge cluster every now and then, to say check your speed or other important items indicated there, you would notice a flashing light.

This rant has been building for some time and if you are familiar with the movie Shoot em' up, I will just end with the below picture and you will understand my true feelings on this situation. I will include a link to the scene for those not familiar, FYI there is some language in it. Safe Driving Lesson