For this week's upcoming Chasing Die-Cast, I was hoping to list a few of the trades that went down over this last week on the HWEP.

This was easily one of the best weeks for me, as I managed to trade for a couple of my most wanted.

Courtesy GRawesome I picked up the Curiosity rover..........

for an '87 Toyota Pick-Up.

MR Benjamin Rolland dubbed this color "Prosthetic Limb Brown," a pretty apt description I'd say...

For awhile there, I was Oppo's '87 Toyota Pick-Up dealer! I scored some nice cars from Dinger's Ghost (Z4 M GT and MINI Cabrio) and Frosted (a slew of cars! Just check out the post...)

I also grabbed the Homer, courtesy of my first trade with CiiNubbin

for the Hot Wheels Boulevard version of the Pontiac Fiero:

What trades did you make over the last week? Was your week as good as mine? Also, any news of note? Did you complete a trade with someone new? Come across any new or notable die-cast while going through the pegs?