Someday I want to own a Datsun 510 wagon. I want to paint it in the BRE racing livery and possibly restomod it with modern power and suspension and such.

What would be a good Nissan engine to drop in? I'm just daydreaming here, so anything goes. I'm thinking a small, light 4-pot that can be slightly boosted to 250 hp or so.


My idea: A 1.6 like the one in Ye Olde Deltawing. It weighed 200 lbs and they had it turbocharged to 300 hp. Could be neat.

EDIT: SR20DET seems to be the consensus. It's considerably heavier than the 1.6, but there's alot more history of dropping them into 510s. Thanks for the input, Opponauts! Now to figure out how to fabricate IRS for the wagon...