As some of you know, I had to take an impromptu road trip this weekend to say goodbye to a good friend. That road trip happened in a Hyundai Veloster that my friend rented because we did not want to shell out $800 for plane tickets. Our trip from Philadelphia to St. Louis and back was a total of 43 hours. I spent 32 of those hours in the Veloster. During that time I was the driver, a front seat passenger, a rear seat passenger, and I even had to sleep in it for a few hours. Since I got to experience the Veloster in ways I will never experience even my own car, I figure a review is pertinent.

The Veloster is a weird car. It’s got three doors! That is one more than two, and one less than 4! We decided as a group that either of those numbers of doors would be fine, but 3 was insurmountably weird. Who did this car think it was with its 3 doors? I understand that this sounds silly and it is, but none of us could get over it so I’m mentioning it.

I started out in the front passenger seat, which was felt good at first as I noticed more bolstering that in any other Hyundai I have been in. After about an hour I was ready to jump out of my skin. I could not find comfortable spot for my back/neck. This seemed even more odd after I drove the car as the drivers seat was plenty comfortable.


Out of the 3 of us, I’m the shortest at 5' 10". The guy who rented the car is 6' even, and guy #3 is 6'3". Naturally we stuffed 6'3" in the excuse for a back seat because we had to wait for him then go out of the way to pick him up. Before we picked up 6'3" I tested out the back seat and laughed openly as my hair brushed the roof on the way back. Needless to say he was miserable, and I only gave him the front seat when he asked...about 8 hours into the journey. It’s worth mentioning that 6'3" also thought that the Veloster was pronounced Vee-lo-star accenting each syllable as if it was its own word.

It was my turn in the back seat, and it was now daylight. I was able to get myself comfortable enough, however I was disappointed that they had swapped the “bitch” seat out for cup holders and a tray for collecting sticky drink residue. This made laying across the back seat unappealing. I also noticed that the sudo hatchback back window comes up a lot higher than most, so I was just getting beat on by the sun while I was back there.


It was now my turn in the drivers seat. I did’t expect much from it, but I was impressed. The car was much more planted than any other Hyundai I have driven. I remained impressed as we drove though several soft highway curves. I went faster than I thought that I should expecting to get nervous, but I did not. 6'0" complained that it felt terribly sloppy on tight corners, but I only got to drive on the highway, so I can’t confirm or deny that.

I called the “Veloster slow and whiny”, after flooring it on the on ramp. 6'0" agreed, but 6'3" piped up and said. “You guys have such a distorted view of what fast means, you think any car that takes longer than 4 seconds to get to 60 is slow.” 6'0" and I looked at each other in agreement, then retracted the slow statement. Both 6'0" and I agreed that we would be more satisfied by a Veloster with a turbo, which I hear they’ve got.

On the way home we had to pull over and sleep for a few hours. It was only 6'0" and myself on the return journey as 6'3"’s employer paid to fly him home early. So we were able to throw the front seats all the way back! To my surprise the seat went nearly flat which means I was able to get a few hours of semi-restful sleep. This is a big deal for me because I have a problem sleeping anywhere besides my own bed.

Since I did very little in the way of driving I can’t really review this car with numbers, so I’m going to chalk it up to pros and cons.


-Comfortable drivers seat/position

-Competent on the highway

-Good on gas

-Can sleep comfortably


-Uncomfortable everywhere besides the drivers seat

-Economy engine note

-3 doors, this is personal and I must at least perceive symmetry.

-Infotainment screen controls were not working and the screen was obnoxiously bright.

-Back seat is a joke/oven

That was the longest road trip that I have done to date, and also the shortest amount of time spent at the destination. I can’t wait to sleep!