In which I wrench on some 4WS 3rd gen Preludes and consume some beer. But not at the same time.

Rear steering rack for a 1991 Prelude Si 4WS.

I get emails from Chesterfield Auto Parts, a local junkyard, that tell me when a Prelude shows up. Over the past few weeks they’ve put 4 out, 3 3rd gen’s and a 5th gen, so I headed up there today. They gave me a slip of paper that had the locations of all four of them and I headed out into the yard.

Those vehicles are all for sale.

The closest one to the entrance was a 1990 Si ALB.

Same exterior color as mine!

The trunk had a 2.0S (carbureted) badge on it, but the VIN, engine, and transmission all matched an ALB. I got the instrument cluster.

I was going for the engine code here.

I then headed for the 5th gen. It was a 1999 base model with an automatic. Probably here due to transmission failure.

After getting nothing from the 5th gen, I went to the next closest 3rd gen, a 1991 Si 4WS in good condition, but with a starting issue. Poor thing deserved better.

Poor thing deserves better...

I got a few parts off it, the battery cables and a few screws and things that were in better condition than Lucky’s. After that I went to the last car, a 1988 4WS.

Total for the parts came to $22.

After leaving the junkyard, I headed to a brewery I hadn’t been to yet. I’m still there.

Tiramisu stout

All in all, a fun Friday.