As an enthusiast, I find most TV ads to be a little ridiculous, but it seems they’re just getting worse not just for enthusiasts, but for normal people as well.

The latest commercial to irritate me is the new Toyota ad where there are very bad actors placed into a Toyota Camry and driven through a roller coaster and the actors in the car make it seem like it’s this crazy sports car and they just went through the most intense and scary roller coaster of all times. I’d also like to point out at that it looks like they filmed it in the parking lot of Six Flags in Valencia, which makes their reactions even worse.


The other commercial, which I don’t think is airing anymore, but it’s always bugged me, was a Ford commercial where fake/bad actors drove Escapes around a track and were amazed at much POWER there was and how they really felt the Ecoboost, or the turbocharger in English.

Why do both of these commercials bug me so much? Well because they focus on things the potential buyers don’t care about, they patronize the enthusiasts that might be watching at that moment, and it might lure people to buy these cars who should not be driving if that type of commercial actually worked.

Why can’t we have more commercials like the ones the German’s put out; like Volkswagen’s The Force commercial, or even their current Passat commercial that incorporates humor and actual facts about the car, not just poorly trained actors that can’t sell shit. I also like Mercedes new commercial about the CLA, the one with the Devil, I found that one clever.


The problem might not be with the commercials though and actually lie with me because I’m easily irritated and only go for German cars in the first place, so actually, you can just disregard everything I just said and return to regularly scheduled Oppositelock. Have a nice day everyone.