Taurus lover, browsing for escapes, and now this. I have always found the 92-01 Camry's appealing. appealing to the point of possible purchase come February.

My Quest is simple, Find a car that is reliable, do not have to Finance,can be made fun, and has ample space for Driver and Passengers.


I have since been looking at JDM imports. I refuse to purchase anything civic or anything corolla past the AE86. I want a Midsizer and since I'm getting help to purchase the car from Family (I'm loved) The Miata is out of the question, I will get one later.

I have resended my notion of no more FWD vehicles in my life, but It's as simple as this. I need a car... I won't settle, but I do know when to yield to my stubborness and listen to reason.

I might buy a Camry, Oppo what am I doing ?