2001 GMC Suburban Yukon XL 1500.

I’d been needing a truck of sorts more and more frequently. Had been looking for full size pickups when I remembered just how useful my old Suburban was.

Picked this up for $3400. It has 147,000 miles on the odometer, rides wonderfully and room for everybody! I had forgotten how nice it is to have a v8. The 5.3 is so quiet and smooth at idle and pulls this behemoth almost effortlessly.

Won’t be using it all that much after the honeymoon period so I hopefully won’t see this all too often.

Urph. And gas is cheap now!!!

Some more pics.

“What’s that black rectangle thing near the bottom? “ You ask. 


I knew I kept those for a reason. *pops in some INXS*

The tape deck is nice and all, but my favorite feature is the barn doors. I hate the newer style hatchback style rear doors.