Rather than buying some cheap car to run in replacement of my Fiat 500, I decided to buy another bike. It’s a 2017 Suzuki SV650. (background, I got rid of my Royal Enfield earlier this year and have been pining for another bike sooooo muchhhhh)
So, my wife gets to drive her new F-150, and I get to join the motorcycle commuting club! Also, I have to brag about this, I got a screaming deal. I was looking at the exact same bike at a dealer an hour away for the full $7000 msrp, with 20 miles on it, and they wouldn’t budge on the price, and even wanted me to put extra down...so I did some searching, and 3 hours away, a dealer had the EXACT SAME BIKE (can’t emphasize this enough) for $5000. With 0 miles on it. You better believe I called them the second I found it!

As you can see, I’ve also done my first mod, getting rid of the factory mirrors for some nice Ebay bar end mirrors that somewhat match the bike. Shocked how easy those were to put on....next up, a rear fender eliminator, because that huge piece of black plastic just ruins the look of the bike. I’m thinking the Vagabond Motorsports unit should do nicely...especially if I paint it metallic blue! :D