Who likes the FP-style cover photo?

We all know Honda has a problem, and that problem is that their cars suck, and they're boring, and that sucks, especially considering Honda has made cars that are good, and are exciting, and that was good. Case in point, this:

Awesome cars. But Honda's clearly lost any trace of insanity that they used to have. This is where I come in. I recently drove a 1996 Honda Odyssey (base trim), and I was BLOWN AWAY by its extreme power, hoonability and comfort. Seriously. It was an MP4-12C minivan, but better. It had Formula 1 levels of grip and acceleration, but I swear it could monster even a Venom GT or Veyron SS in a straight line. It was that good.

But I digress.

The only things that I wish that '96 had were no seats, ludicrous windows, no doors besides the driver's, six wheels, and Brembo brakes all-around. Here's my rendering:

I know it's a little messy. I know that, so don't tell me. If you want it to look nicer, I'll gladly give you the PSD file, and you can fix it. The point is, this is what Honda needs to pop it out of its slump. It also has quad-turbochargers now, and blowoff valve duck calls (look it up).


This retrofitted 1996 Odyssey would be the Honda halo car. And they would sell more than they could make. You heard it here first, folks.

But in all seriousness, Honda, get your shit together.