I don't even...

...know how to describe this...this...this...this... umm... thing.

From the outside, it appears to be a Mercedes-Benz 190SL with ill-suited wheels, but the horror is within.

Let's start with the engine, or, what's currently in the engine bay. 1.9L M121 inline four? Nope. Restomodded with an AMG V8? Nope.


I don't even...

Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you, though they may be burning. It's a 1.5L inline four pulled from a Toyota Yaris of all things. A Toyota Yaris. Let that sink in.

Now that we may or may not have gone through the worst of it all, we'll move onto the interior.


I don't even...

Nobody ever argued that a Mercedes-Benz 190SL needed a center console made of cheap black plastic, but here it is! Also, look at the modern gauges, the steering wheel, and the hanging rearview mirror.

I don't even...

A hanging mirror!!! Sacrilegious! That might be the worst part of all! Everyone knows 190SL mirrors belong on the dash!

Other Items of Note from the Ad:

  • Seller Account Name: PerfectlyDone - very much, indeed, obviously
  • Estimated Market Value: $80,000 - damn, as much as a near-perfect original 190SL without these mods
  • Drives like a Brand New Car - is that what someone wants when the buy a 190SL?
  • Bids Starting at $29.5k, $35.5k Buy It Now - that's at least six NA Miatas, SIX

Moral: Don't do drugs. They make you do bad things, things worse than robbery, things such as create this.