Its the end of the year, and that means top 10 lists. In 2014 I had a lot of fun writing on and being in Oppo, here is my personal top 10 articles, enjoy.

1. Tow Me Down! – It's a dumb title, but that's going to be a theme on this list. New Year's resolution: learn to write titles. I was very proud of the research and writing in this piece, but more importantly I was happy I was finally able to have the questions answered for myself.

2. Your differential and µ - This story didn't get much play but, again, I was happy that I was able to square some of these fundamental physics questions in my own mind.

3. Why it pays to follow a hunch – Serendipity struck hard with this story, I just happen to be headed someplace that allowed for some seriously scenic travel and I happened to have my production gear with me, this was a highlight for me in terms of just lovely drives in 2014.

4. The White Rim – Man alive this was a highlight of 2014 for me, full stop. I can't wait to get back, and If I can do the Maze district before the end of may I will have hit up all three in a year.

5. America's Best Expedition Value – more truck themed stuff eh? Yeah, I was [am] really getting into this idea of using a vehicle to see the world and I let that passion spill over into Oppo. I loved researching this and I love the response I got from it.

6. What is 4[A]WD and how does it work? – The response to this article shocked me a little, 80k views in a week is pretty strong and considering it was just a re-worked article that got only moderate play on oppo I was stunned. I've learned a lot from writing these.

7. 2014 KL Cherokee review - Okay, so technically this was in 2013, but Im still proud of this review and the experience that led to it.

8. Do compact trucks have a place anymore? Yeah, this didn't get a ton of play either but I keep going back to reference it…over and over…so it had some good info and I still think it has a relevant message

9. Hammerheadfistpunch is – I became an oppo mod in 2014, and I was pretty stoked about being a part of this great community….still am.

10. oppositelock directory - This one of the moderator assets that I am proud of, this helps us keep tabs on whats going on in oppo. Tags, use em.

Thanks for everyone on Oppo, Truck Yeah and jalopnik for a great year of ruined productivity at work! What was your favorite oppo post in 2014 (aside from the ultimate ground speed check, which wins the opponet by miles)?