For those of you that are not familiar with Car Talk, Google it and know that your life will never be the same. If you know of the show but don't know what the puzzler is, it's the show's weekly quirky question. Please don't cheat. These are meant to be fun and tricky. The answer will be posted the next day with the next puzzler. So, without further adieu, here's today's puzzler.

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RAY: What part of cars is virtually interchangeable with virtually any other car, whether it's foreign or domestic, let's say within the last 30 years?

And don't say something silly like motor oil!

TOM: It's not liquid.... It's an actual piece that you can take out of any car, no matter where in the world it was made, and it would fit on any other car.

RAY: So, what is it?

Best of luck





PUZZLER #1 Answer

TOM: That was a lousy hint.

RAY: I don't think so.

TOM: Well, maybe not, I mean, after you know the answer. The hint sure didn't help me. I'm embarrassed to have not jumped right on it. Only Ken Rogers jumped right on it.


RAY: Well, that's because when I said it to him I didn't say,"T-A-N." I said, "Tan270." And he immediately started saying, "What's the tangent of 270, let me see, sine over the cosine..." The answer is infinity (Infiniti). Hence the car, the license plate.