AND I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED. Lots of cool shit in this post.

My hero here is a 1971 DeTomaso Pantera, and driving it was just beautiful. The steering is really heavy and old at low speeds, your feet are nowhere near the steering wheel, and you can't get 2nd gear until the car is fully warmed up. But, with all of that factored in, I could care less. The 351 is a monster, and you sit so low in the car, it might as well be called a cockpit. Also weirdly, the rearview mirror is only like 2 inches from your head. It's really far back.


DeTomaso Pantera and a Cobra Kit Car

69 Mach 1 R-Code 428.

1 Sunbeam Tiger

2 Sunbeam Tigers.

3 Sunbeam Tigers

Four. Sunbeam. Tigers

Chevy SSR with 1100 miles. For no reason.

Restomod 70 Mustang. Shitty photo, I know

1980 Triumph TR8

A must have for every wealthy elderly person

Here for some reason

A must-have for every wealthy Kansan.

Also, an AMG Mercedes behind.

2 of them.

Detuned to 995 hp. Each.

Even the worktruck....

Has fucking nitrous.

Not pictured:

2013 BMW Alpina B7

1980s Mercedes AMG Hammer

1993 Mustang Cobra R

and a buttload of Mustangs, Chevelles, etc.