Assholes who choose to drive in an autonomous car should always eat the divider.
Jogging is a terrible hobby and it depresses me. The fat people clearly enjoy their lives more and deserve to live
Normally, I’d value people over animals, but the animals are crossing with the light. Those are some pretty fucking smart animals. They deserve to live.
Those three people die no matter what, so I don’t see why I should kill the other two.
Like I said, asshole in the autonomous car always eats the wall. Should have bought a Vette, grandpa.
Little girl had the light. She’s smart like the animals.
I’ve played enough video gamesto know that killing him is going to earn me bonus points
See above
See above
Why are his sleeves so long? He has it coming.
Bank robber and a guy who is clearly his accomplice
It seemed sexist to choose the lane that only had women.