I had a great day going - one where I drove over 200 miles about the city to shop, attend meetings, have lunch, go to school, and meet with one of my new business/consulting teams. All went well until my lecturer (sn: I hate when students, and lectureres themselves, refer to them/oneselves as professors. I also hate when people over-inflate themselves and their successes). She began discussing how entrepreneurs are typically extroverted, which I understand; but, her jab at introverts being lonely, sad, and less successful individuals struck a chord with me and I now feel weird. I find myself to be both extroverted and introverted given certain contexts, but do lean on the introverted side... And have been known to have experienced bouts of loneliness as I battled my depression and lost/moved on from many relationships that once meant a lot to me. Now I lay here, somewhere along calm-unaffected and somewhat annoyed, irate, and funny feeling. 😌😒