So I was reading the thread below, and I felt the need to share my dealer experience.


Off topic picture below.

Lets go back to 2010 when we were buying a new car. After many months, the decision was made for a Subaru Forester Premium (because of the electric seat :p). So, we did what we thought would be good and we called EVERY Subaru dealership and said, "We want a Subaru Forester Premium, brand new, tan interior. We want to pay $25,500 out the door. Can you do that?" 9 dealers said "no". The 10th said: "Sure! Come on down!" That dealer was Sierra Subaru. We headed down to the dealer. The car was a great dark red, with the desired tan interior. It had a strange, small mark on the headliner. We asked about it, and they immediately kicked us out of the car, took it back to the detailing department, and fixed it before we even test drove it. They took us for an extended test drive and we took it home that night.


Fast forward 3 (Damn, thats been a while!) years. We have taken it there for every oil change (I'm packed!) and they have ALWAYS taken good care of us. The auxiliary port stopped working. They didn't ask a single question. Just replaced us. Didn't charge us a single cent. Every time we go in for an oil change, they give us a free car wash. They have always been on the ball, helped with anything we needed and gave us a good deal to boot.

I end with this: If you are looking for a car in LA, go to Sierra. They have a Subaru, Chevy, Mazda and i think more dealers there. Seriously. Just check it out.