Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I turned away. [I can't afford you.] - F. Scott Fitzgerald

So. I did an abandoned car repo for a S500. Of course, I still live with my family, and 300/month for insurance....never mind. I might as well buy a different first car.


SOOOOOO....It was purchased for 86,XXX but bluebook puts it anywhere between 7k and 15k. Realistically? I'll probably get 9k for it. I tried to give it to family friend in need, but the 300/month is too expensive for her, so she's sticking with her Corolla.

I want to do something worthwhile with it, maybe[correction: use money to buy other car] donate it [new car] to family in need, or to Purple Heart. Any ideas? I want to make a difference and not a profit for my local Merc dealer.

Although I'm not keeping it, I feel it would be selfish for me to use the money to buy another car when I tired he drive my parent's.

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