I thought I might share it with you guys.

Daniel was a street racer, he illegally races for money. Mainly because he’s a dishonest bum who borrows money for his “friends” to fund his horrid need for thrills. The faster he goes the more alive he feels. He’s five feet and seven inches tall, 150 pounds. He has short yellowish hair done in a buzzcut because he thinks long hair is messy. He spends most of his time ( when he isn’t racing for pink slips ) vaping and using Snapchat. He used to work at Mcdonald’s until he cursed out his manger for not letting him vape while he works at the drive through. Then he got fired.He’s got a metal rib cage insert due to a fighting incident that landed him in jail for 4 months.

His only friends are Snapchat obsessed narcissists and a bum who spends 990$ on a iPhone 69S380RTurbo but he cannot pony up $200 to pay his cut of the rent. He lives in a rented McMansion with his three friends, only one of them actually pays the rent. Him and the other friend are merely parasites feeding off a overworked host. His pride and joy is a formerly Colorado Red 5.8L Trinity swapped 2004 Ford Mustang. It runs a Kenne Bell Racing Big Mammoth 3.2L supercharger, with Gibson headers and and a Borla exhaust. All of these pieces add up to 1100 crank horsepower or 990 at the wheels. It’s painted Porsche Racing Yellow because in his words “Ferd paint sucks, bro”. Taking care of the cornering side of things is a Roush “Track” suspension kit. He thought it would be cool to put it on 20 inch knockoff brand Volk TE37’s. Only the most depraived individuals are capable of such sins. On this pleasant october day he was sitting in a lawn chair, vaping, looking at his “handiwork”. As usual. He was wearing a “HOONIGAN” shirt with a flat bill hat, worn backwards because “that’s the shit, bro”. With a pair of Yeezy boost 350’s. Tomorrow night is the “big race” if you will. It marks a turning point in his “career” if he wins this he’ll be the most respected street racer in the whole DMV area. He was going to visit his mechanic, Geoff. The same mechanic Daniel slapped for telling him he would go faster for less with a LS. He open the door of his Mustang, he strapped himself into the six-point racing harness and fired it up. The loud roar of the engine drew attention to the garage. All his neighbors looked toward it to find the source of the noise. He pulled out the garage and into the street, there was a little wheelspin but he kept it under control. He came up at a traffic light, next to his Mustang there was a older woman in a little green MG B. He shifted into first, revved up his Mustang and dumped the clutch. Running the red light and leaving behind a trail of burnt rubber and a cloud of smoke. The woman in the MG gave him the finger.