Yesterday I was driving home from an eye appointment to pick out a new pair of glasses. We were stopped in traffic in the left lane of a two lane (4 total, two in each direction) road. To my immediate 9 o’clock, a box truck towing an empty two axle trailer was pulling out of a side street and making a right hand turn onto the road. He was turning to go north while I was facing south.

As he made the turn, the truck hit a bump in the road. The bump was enough to detach the trailer from the truck. I frantically laid on my horn to get the attention of the truck driver, but to no avail. He never knew he lost the trailer. He kept driving until he was out of sight. Meanwhile, being a two axle trailer, it was able to stay upright and move freely. Its momentum rolled the trailer right for my left side. I panicked as the trailer slowly rolled toward me. It was like I was watching the accident in slow-mo. I knew it was coming. I’d have a nice hitch shaped hole poked through my quarter panel. Here it comes...3...2...wait what? The trailer stopped maybe two feet short of hitting me. There was a slight camber to the road and the trailer’s momentum had run out.

It then began rolling backwards. At the same time, a poor chump in a Jetta was driving north and slammed on his brakes when he saw the loose trailer. Unfortunately for him, he stopped right in the trailer’s path.

The trailer picked up a little speed and then rolled right into the Jetta’s driver door. The guy in the Jetta looked right at me and pointed in the direction of the truck that had lost the trailer. All I could do was nod to him, it was like he was asking me “did you see that shit?” To which I answered, “Yes. Yes, I saw that shit.” I was just about to get out of traffic to help the guy out but a dude pulled up behind him and quickly hopped out to help, so I drove off. They began taking pictures before anything else, so I didn’t think they’d need any witness testimony or anything like that (a picture of the trailer jabbed into his door is pretty damning evidence). The moral is, here, that people need to MAKE SURE that their trailers are secure before driving off. And, on top of that, make sure that your trailer is still following you from time to time. I can only imagine the sinking feeling that the truck driver felt once he realized that he no longer had a trailer behind him.