The instructions just say “put it on and don’t fuck it up.” Fucking Italians with their figure-it-out-as-we-go shit. This is what got you Berlisconi. (Italian-American speaking here)

What the hell kind of instructions are these?Typical Italians, they make you forget that shit by giving you something so beautiful that you don’t care if it catches on fire.

Why does the silencer come in a cloth bag? I am not going to take it off and carry it around. Some Italian just thought it would be nice. There is a second bag, presumably for the rest of the parts.

Damn, that is a nice pipe.

Cool shit and badges. Forget what I said before, I love you, Italy. Never change (and keep that fire extinguisher handy, ok?)


Do you think it will really happen? Odds?

Nikon is working on Zs
Dose wings
Rx 7
Hello sweetheart
He is going to sand the rust off these rotors.
New radiator and fan clutch. Also new thermostat, Zoidberg.
New polyurethane bushings
Painted wheel well and suspension.
There is a bushing we can’t find that fits here, so we may have to go with an aftermarket bar.
My baby

The best part is that it is costing less than expected, with the whole project coming in at less than $10k.


Nikon is happy to help with the Vespa as soon as he is done with the Sunchaser. Stay tuned.