Conor Daly...was sitting somewhere else on the plane. His GP3 teammate from this season, Jack Harvey, sat to my left and is a very likeable guy!

I didn't pepper him with the usual questions of, "I bet thats a cool job." Or "Arent you scared?" Or "What's it like to drive a race car so fast?". I kind of know what that's like. I'm catching a ride to work so, as a pilot in uniform, I get those questions a lot about my job but when I ask, I at least try to gain insights in other ways and that gets a bigger picture of understanding. He never let on what he does but just a few words in general conversation piqued my interest. You might or might not know just how hard it is to really get sponsor funding and the work to maintain that relationship. They pay the real bills and if hes lucky he can afford a slightly bigger meal that night. You might not know that a racing profession really is entirely stratospheric ups and crushing downs with hardly a level moment. He asked about inner workings of my work and I asked about the deeper parts of his. Interesting questions both ways. We related a little bit. Career wise the similarity is all about that working struggle to get to the "big time" where for some of us it's that career that never pays off until that big promotion with stock options. Him? We all know is a seat in the big show with a steady quality check that would let him have alllll the designer fashions. Oh yeah. Until then, the real income to live on is from driver instruction. His road to that big break is getting very close at this moment with a few tests coming up. He is very nice and a down to earth guy with good support from home. A great foundation. Good luck Jack!