So this week I had to do the Pokeeemans world championships and then I had to juggle the face and body show in San Jose. So I was driving south a lot where people would be coming back from Monterey. I saw some pretty cool cars on the road, NONE of which I could get a picture of because they were always heading in the opposite direction. I saw something else fairly odd, a huge load of lumber on a trailer being hauled by an Autocar big rig with full on patina, ancient green paint. who uses a 1950's rig for commercial use these days!? Like this one only rough:

So I can only offer you some totally shit pictures! Some bad pics of the Art schools collection as I sit at a stop light on Van Ness, a Miata race car on 19th ave at night, a bald man in an 80's Vette, a new Bentley, a GTR, a 2 door Impretzle and an old SD.