BEYOND ANGRY!!!! Quick reason below.

My wife is currently living with her family in Mexico DF. She just bought a new little Chihuahua yesterday, cutest 0.7 kilo little puppy ever. About 2 hours ago, she walked to the corner of the street to a little store to buy a couple little random snacks and some puppy food (little dog eats a bunch). On the way back home (less than 50 meters) 2 men ran up to her, pinned her to the wall hard, and demanded she give up the dog. She didn't want to of course while crying for help. One fucking scumbag slapped her and the other threw her had on the ground. At that moment she dropped her cell phone which they took and ran off. She is fine for the most part. A couple bruises and scratches. The hardest thing for me is sitting so far away, listening to my wife crying while feeling completely helpless and thirsty for scum blood!

This is her :']

Those pieces of scum that hurt her..... damn I hope they get what's coming to them >:(


I do not have social media. I never really spent much time on computers until just recently when I got my new position here at my dealer. As for friends, I honestly don't any, at least that live in my town. Oppo is, hand to heart, the only place I really visit online, You dudes and dudettes are simply incredible.

Thanks for reading.