The “These images may be un-bear-able and leave you furry-ous” addition.

This was a place that made you think, “holy shit!” and then after exploring a new part of the home, “holy shit!” again! Everything about this place was MORE. Neighbors built a tree house? Oh, that’s nice... We’ve got a two story tree house with A ZIP LINE THAT GOES FROM THE KIDS BEDROOM. Oh, the wife let you put a pool table on one side of the new garage? Not bad... But hey have you seen our new indoor HOCKEY RINK?


Let’s start at the beginning. The property itself is huge, in an area where that’s not the norm. There’s a decent sized main house with four car garage, a guest house, and a large separate garage. The separate garage has an apartment above it. Unfortunately, due to someone calling in sick I was so slammed that I only had time to waste like 30 minutes taking photos, and as such missed some good shots. Here’s the one and only shot I got of the main house.

Yes, I accidentally focused on the window screen instead of the home. I’m sorry! But if it makes you feel better, call it an “artsy & unique” millennial style!


Okay, main house is certainly very nice, but there’s nothing special about it. There’s a million others that are more or less just like it. Let’s check out the guest house.

After completing the interior of the main building, I was handed the guest home key and told “not to freak out” when I got inside. Huh. That’s... Unusual. Slightly disturbed, but with a great desire to escape the torrential downpour that hadn’t let up since I’d arrived, I walked over to the smaller building, inserted the key—turned it—turned it again, but the correct way this time—twisted the unassuming modern door knob and opened up the door... Pictures will explain much better than words, so without any further ado, here you go.

Heads! The husband—who at this point I hadn’t me yet—was a game hunter! The studio loft style guest house was nothing but trophies, bar, and an old school, massive leather chair behind a ginormous hardwood desk. I give you, the hunting lodge.

Hate it or love it, there’s no denying the skill with which these were preserved. It was absolutely jaw dropping seeing all of these animals up close, that I normally would never get a chance to.

I was hoping to get a shot of the gun room, but it was locked. With three deadbolts, separate keys. Another deadbolt with a code. One of the old school chain locks at the top of the door. And a doorknob at the very top of the door, that would need to be turned at the same time as the doorknob in the usual spot. All this to be sure that the three children never manage to get in without a parent. I later found out that all the guns, bows, and ammo are also in separate safes inside. The one handgun left outside the safe doesn’t fire, and is there as a decoy. This is some good security.

Okay, main house. Check. Guest home. Check. That leaves.... The garage!

It was the wife who first mentioned how they always had too much. Always needed MORE. The example she used, was that after two years since building it they still hadn’t even taken the plastic wrapping off of the furniture in the over garage apartment. She seemed a bit overwhelmed with the upkeep of the property. I asked her if she would have chosen a smaller home... Her response? “I would have liked to travel the world”

Nice, lots of natural light, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Let’s head downstairs...

Hockey rink!! Built by the husband for his son. This is the kind of thing all dads dream about doing for their kids. And just outside the garage is the tree house which unfortunately I failed to capture. But attached to the tree house is...

Zipline! About 50 yards long, it runs through the forest from the tree house to one of the kids rooms. Also rigged up by the dad.


And that’s everything! Ending up meeting the dad near the end of the job, and damn. Coolest dude on the planet. You know that person who’s good at absolutely everything, is a genuinely caring person and will go out of their way to help anyone, with anything, no questions asked? That’s him. He insisted on paying more after seeing us work long past our estimated time saying that he was a fair guy, and didn’t want to take advantage of a local business. I refused, saying that I would have to charge more next time to make it worthwhile, but that I wanted to honor our original over the phone estimate today. What does he do? He tips the two guys working for me an amount equaling the total I charged for the job.  

I didn’t want to give the impression that they’re douchy “better—than—thou” rednecks who came into money. The family was one of the nicest I’ve ever worked for, and that’s saying something. Two days later, received this voicemail from the wife.

Doesn’t matter where you work. Washing windows, bagging at a grocery store, selling cars, ER nurse.... Take pride in your job. Do the best you can. The effort you put in will show, and people will appreciate it. Just my two cents.