Choosing a good daily driver is important, because, as the name implies, they will be used daily. A good daily driver should be entertaining enough to keep you from being bored to death on the daily commute. They should be reliable enough that you would be comfortable driving a few hours to that one restaurant you took your parents to that one time and now every time they come to visit you just have to go there. Now I realize that most Daily Drivers are incapable of completing all of these tasks, and many are not able to do any.

When I think of what would be the perfect daily driver to fit my lifestyle, I think of something small, fun, and easy on gas. Right about now, I'm guessing all of you are screaming at your monitors "MIATA COME ON NOW! MIATAS ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER" but in the world of the 'perfect DD' I'd take something a bit more upscale.


I have always been drawn to the little Mercedes SLK, especially in the 'SLK 250' spec. It may only have a 1.8 inline 4 and 200 horsepower, but that is more than enough for puttering around town and most other driving situations. It also comes with a convertible hard top which in my mind is really the only way a convertible should come. It is also, to my knowledge, one of the only new Mercedes-Benz car you can have shipped with a manual transmission. You can rest on a supple leather seat with the top pulled back with the airscarf wafting warm air down your neck changing gear with your 6-speed stick all while getting 30 MPG.

My choice is in no way perfect. A properly outfitted SLK250 is $50,000+ and I can think of more efficient spends of that kind of money. $50K for a 1.8 liter anything is ridiculous, but I am still strangely drawn to this car as a daily driver.

So what would you choose for your perfect daily driver? No matter how weird or quirky, remember, you're talking to the kid that dailys a Merkur driven by Tanner Foust, I'm not one to judge.