I have a client that wants a used Genesis R-spec. I found what I thought was a nice deal in at the Luxury Haus in Leonia NJ, a 2013 with less than 6k miles for 32,998. Normally I make contact with a dealership and make all the arrangements, but this client just paid for my basic package where I locate a vehicle for them and give them the market value of what they could expect. They called the dealership and asked if the car was available so they can drive an hour plus for a test-drive. The salesperson confirmed the car was there, and they left. Come to find out once they get there, the dealership does not yet have possession of the car and that it is "in transit" and proceeded to push other vehicles on them. Needless to say my clients were not very happy, and drove home. This has never happened to one of my clients before, and I feel kind of bad about it, even though it was beyond my control. I think I will offer them an upgraded package for their same rate.