An exercise of Oppo history, what vehicles have you owned, and the order you owned them in?

Pictures (not of the actual cars) would be great! I would like to think I have had a decent history of cars, starting from around 1996 through today.

And Go!

1974 Fiat X1/9- Same Color, without the rims and high engine cover, but with the bumpers missing just like this one. My dad had purchased this car new in 74, and it rotted in the garage until I got to drive it when it was mostly working again.


1997 Nissan Hardbody Pickup- 1 year lease, it was 98 bucks a month, and good for a first year college student.

1991 Saturn SL- Super base model, only thing I ever upgraded was the stereo, but you could make the shitty tires chirp in 3rd gear if you really wanted.

1996 Integra GSR- purchased from Carmax before Doug Demuro was cool. My first performance car. Had headers and a cold air intake on it already, lots of fun.


Got Married, so now the cars include both mine and my wife's vehicles from here down.

1990is Audi 80, I only rode in it 3 times before the rear diff shat itself on the highway. Wife's Car.

1998 Saturn SL2- first new car purchase, for the wife, didn't last but a couple of years because she hated driving it. Wife's Car.

1997 Mazda Miata M-Edition- replaced the Saturn, and we ended up owning the car for over 10 years. Wife's Car.

1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe, a downgrade from the Integra, but more affordable insurance wise.

2001 Ford Focus Hatch- A regretful purchase, car had been hit in the rear, did not show up on reports and I didn't know enough to see it when I picked out the car.


2006 Subaru Legacy GT- uppipe, downpipe and custom tune, very surprising car, but the seats were bad on my back so had to sell it

2009 Honda Fit- Good, but not enough engine. Wife's Car, but I ended up being the primary driver after I sold the legacy.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, supposed to be a camping vehicle, but an electrical issue that I could never track down kept me from ever trusting it not to drain its battery overnight. First Automatic I have ever owned


2006 Volvo XC70- purchased to move to Seattle, then actually sold it soon after moving, only needed 1 car living in town. By far the best seats in any vehicle I have purchase, up until the last one. Second Automatic I have ever owned.

2007 Mini Cooper S- High Mileage example, and just needed repair after repair. But made for a good city car. Wife's Car.

Finally, the last car- 2015 Audi S4, Daytona Grey and the Black Optic Package.

All the pics are in the correct order, and the right color for all the cars, just for fun!