First of all, let me start with the fact that Doug DeMuro, man of Jalopnik infamy, was present at this event, and I didn’t see him. Dammit Doug.

This isn’t funny.

The CRT is real.

P1800 ES is best Volvo.

New vs. slightly old.

New vs. old.

Bel-Air game strong.

I love it.

I need it.


There were two Ford GTs. (And yes, that is an MG BGT)

The GT-R Nismo N-Attack. The wing is absolutely huge.

This IS is for sale and I need it.

Holy crap the Cascada is huge.


No, your RAV4 is not cool.

Well this is dumb.

Panoz Esperante. Haven’t seen one of these before.

S6 Avants are cool.

This Merc exudes class.

That’s one way to advertise your business.

Perana Z-One. I’ve heard of this car before. I really do not care for it.

MSO customized 675LT. It’s definitely unique.


Fiat 600 Multipla. Looks like a 500 ate too much.

Anyone know what this is?

Model X.

Falcon doors, bro.

Look how far we’ve come.

Maroon California.

I end with another car for you to identify. It gives off that 1900s mafia vibe.