After years of saying "The answer is always Miata", I'm faced with a decision... I want a project car again, I have some expendable income right now, and I'm torn between two options. A 200k mile 1990 Miata for $1500, or a 70k mile 1982 Fiat 2000 Spider that has been sitting in a friend's shop for the past 20 years. (Last started: 10 years ago)

I'm leaning toward the Fiat, because I know I can get it by trading my Glock, plus a handful of cash, and it's the cooler car... On the other hand, it's a 32 year old, Italian car, which means it's beautiful when it runs, but she's like the beautiful, bad-tempered Italian supermodel that will snap, stab you in the back and empty your wallet for no reason at all.

On the other hand, the Miata is too sweet and gentle to ever lose her temper, stab me and run off with my wallet, but the risk of danger isn't there.


I think I want the Fiat, though... It's the less sensible choice, my forehead sticks up over the windshield, I know it'll break down about 10 times between the time we get it running and I get back to Nashville, 150 miles away... And, I have one sensible, reliable car in the Mazda3, right? Right?

Edit: Have a picture of the filthy, unloved Fiat in its natural habitat