I live in an apartment that is off-campus. The apartment is fairly old but not too bad. The problem is that the floorboards above creak like crazy. Now I have complained to the landlord and he does not do anything about it. There are about 4-5 Indian people that live above in a 2 bed apartment and there is constant walking around at night. And yes they pay extra to have the extra people. They walk around the.whole.fucking.night.

I have to be up at 4am to get ready and go to the ER and the hospital every day. I can't break my lease and I need something done otherwise I know that I will go crazy. I have tried earplugs but they don't work and they're really uncomfortable.

Now I need something against the landlord, because as mentioned earlier. I will go crazy, no doubt. I have to get my sleep. What should I do?