On July 9, 2016, my 2007 Ford Ranger was traded in at AutoNation Honda Thornton Road in Lithia Springs, Georgia. For over a month after that date, there were no new CarFax records or Google search results for the VIN. One day, as I was googling the VIN, I found my Ranger for sale at a small dealership down in Milledgeville, Georgia: a town well over 100 miles away.

This was very strange for a variety of reasons. First, there were no new records since it got traded in. Also, the dealer the Ranger was at is only a few miles from my top choice of college. Though the listing says the Ranger is sold, if I do go to school there next year, I’ll be on the lookout for my old friend! Sadly, the dealer never posted pictures, but it would be awesome if it still had that Peach State Pride sticker on the back.