And it was rusty. Too bad. But is it too rusty? This post is photo heavy.

Below is my original post from yesterday and it features the pictures from the ad. I added the pictures I took today at the bottom.

In the pictures it looks great, but I did notice some minor rust around the tail lights (see last picture). What do you say, oppo? Bad omen for what's going on underneath or might it be fine otherwise? I am looking for a car in great shape.

And yes, those are manual windows, even up front. It does have AC, which is a rare option on these here. Kilometrage is high-ish at 269k (167k miles), although I've seen E30 325is that had double and still were in good shape.

Update: These are the pictures I took:

The car drove fine, is probably mechanically sorted and the interior is fine. One exception, a small speaker hacked into each front door and a large sub woofer in the trunk. What do you say Oppo, is the car too far gone?