The question is, Transit Connect, Econoline, or Nissan NV?

They all have their pros and cons.

Transit Connect:


-More maneuverable

-Comparatively great gas mileage

-Engine pretty easy to access


-Small engine, not very powerful

-Tall and narrow, may be susceptible to crosswinds

-Not as much living space

Econoline E-150:


-Huge amount of space

-Readily available parts

-Cheap to buy, long reputation


-Engine is buried underneath dashboard = hard to work on yourself

-Poor gas mileage

-Has more 'free candy creeper' vibe than other vans

Nissan NV:


-Easy to access engine

-More space than Transit Connect

-Better gas mileage than Econoline

-Proven engine from Frontier and Titan-based platform mean it should be reliable


-Long nose = less space for overall size (but still plentiful)

-High resale value (high purchase price for me)

I'm not sure why the idea of living in a van particularly tickles my fancy, but it does. I'm just daydreaming here, but I eliminated the GM twins and the Nissan NV and new Ford Transit because reasons.