I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited. With all the GM recalls in the news, I decided to Google myself up some Montero recalls, and came across a few. One specifically caught my attention, as it relates to the brake booster making a whining noise from the left of the dash (could cause fiery death, blahblahblah). My Montero, with 143,000 miles, has this whine and, I suspect, this issue. Car was purchased from a family member recently; he purchased it with about 55k miles on it.

I've never dealt with recalls before, but I'd like to get my shit fixed if it needs it, especially when the manufacturer will cover the cost.

My question is this: Can i ring up a Mitsu dealer around here (Phoenix) and ask that they assess and possibly repair my car under recall? Will they laugh in my face? Are you laughing in my face right now? Any guidance is appreciated.

Link to recalls: