A baby engine, but still an engine.

This is today’s victim, A 5th scale Smartech Thunderbolt, It’s a off-brand version of ANOTHER off-brand RC truck from Taiwan. So it’s like a bootleg, bootleg. I bought it from Hobbyking like three years ago for like $400 because, hey why not. It’s not a bad truck though, I mean it’s built cheap as shit compared to a HPI or a losi but both of those brands will set you back at least a grand if you buy new. ANYWAY lets get on with the autopsy.

I forgot exactly how big the engine is but I think it’s a 28cc. Of course this thing ran as good as a mouse that found a stash of cheese-itz. Seriously I’ve done everything short of rebuilding the engine and it’s never ran like it should. Which I guess is why I’m taking it apart.

First the spark plug comes out. IT’S SO SMALL and clean, which is very surprising because I could never get a proper tune on this thing. Also I forgot to mention, when working on an off-brand vehicle ALWAYS use off-brand tools. It’s like scientifically proven or something.

BAM! Engine cover is off. I know you guys came here for the grass pics so here you go. 4 year old grass in HPD (High Potato Definition)

I find this design to be very cool, you could say I’m a huge fan of it.

Ok I’m sorry that’s enough puns for today. Instead you can have this picture of gravit- I MEAN magnetism at work.

While you were too busy wondering how I could mix up gravity and magnetism I popped the head off. LOOK AT THE LITTLE PISTON. It’s ready to sing the song of it’s peoples. And if you’re wondering yeah it’s supposed to be rough. I have no idea why though.

The cylinder on the other hand looks like the arms of someone who grew up in the 90's listing to bands like Korn. I think it might be time for a new engine.