Took these last weekend at a Cars & Coffee. What does Oppo think?

I’ll put more if people like them.

I noticed they look a lot sharper/better if you click them than they do in the previews. Thanks Kinja.


Taken on a (rather rubbish and soon to be replaced) Nikon D5100 with a 35mm f/1.8 with the aperture pinned way wide. This is a cropped frame camera so it’s visually like shooting with a 50 mm prime lens on a full-frame. Did some minor editing to the colors and white balance. (Except for the pictures of the Ferrari 430 Scud engine through glass; those took a fair bit of work with the colors to look good.)

One of my favorites. Who’s a good boy? That’s the driver’s seat of the black Stingray pictured lower down.
Do you see the bee?
This is probably my favorite shot.
See the firing order engraved on the plate?
Corvette C2 exhaust snuck into this one.
Had to make this one B&W because the cars behind were brightly colored while the 250 Lusso was silver.
This was a Chrysler Imperial.
These 280SE convertibles are fantastic.
Very nice Jaguar D-type replica.
Fiat 124 Abarth.
Took a lot of work to eliminate the glare and bring out the colors.
This one came out quite nice after editing too.
Porsche 944 turbo interior.