Meant to do it days ago as I had a bunch of interesting stuff, but was too lazy, and now most of it got overwritten. I need to get myself a whole stack of microSD cards to swap them out as I go. Heres whats left.


Did someone push this guy into the median?

And during today's thudersnow storm, was going out to get lunch and thought this guy was going to slam right into me. Was pleasantly surprised.

And then this. Muted the audio because I made a fool of myself screaming at the cars, but seriously? Come on! Fuck all of you. Put your goddamn phones down and don't be intersection blocking morons. And yes, the drivers in the white van, the white Audi and black Hyundai were on the phone. Unfortunatly with the audio muted you can't hear just how pathetic my Miata's horn is (although you can hear it here)