My stepdad and my stepbrother just showed up, grinning like nothing good. Stepdad tried his most casual tone "Left my car at the office. Took the Porsche instead." I thought that this was a prank or something. I also couldn't figure out how he could afford a brand new Cayman. He's always complaining that he needs more customers and so on. Turns out his GF has a rich aunt that offered to let him borrow it, and he took her up on her offer.

So what is it like to drive? In short: like a dream. This was the entry level 272 hp version, but still it has more than enough power to get you into trouble fast. And that noise it makes. Eargasm!

The handling is pretty sharp too, I can see where this "the Cayman is the better 911" stuff comes from. It was raining like hell, so I couldn't push it too hard. But it was enough to demonstrate than under better conditions, and in the hands of the right driver, this is quite a capable piece of machinery. And again, that noise it makes; Eargasm!


The cabin is cozy, but I could easily fit my 1,95 m / 6' 5'' body in the seat. Just fits like a glove. They found quite a clever way to fit all the knobs and switches, car takes almost no time getting used to. Not like some new Audis or Bimmers where it sometimes takes me ages to find certain functions. The center screen was touchscreen which was a nice touch, so to speak. I didn't have cruise control, which I wouldn't miss on such a car, to be honest.

All in all, I hace to say that I fell in love with this little thing. Time to start saving! Oh, and did I mention the noise it makes? Eargasm!