Spotted this downtown yesterday. The car was covered with 'Electronaut' stickers, which apparently means he's part of some BMW program to test their EVs.

Overall impressions:

-On the street, it definitely stands out as something new and futuristic. It was getting some confused stares from the people that passed by.


-It's never been a pretty car. I think they kept it kind of pudgy to make people lust after the i8 that much more.

-The wheels are mighty large for a car of its size. That's definitely a holdover from the concept but it's noticeable. The MX-5 behind it looked like a go-kart by comparison.

-It's weird to see the BMW kidneys without any actual grille in them.

-I sat in one of these at the NYIAS, but the interior continues to impress me. All that 'raw' wood is very cool.

I wonder how popular these will get in NYC!