Hello, diesel Mazda.

Fluffy Bunny sits on race cars, 2013 edition. Full tourist mode: engage.

All your garage are belong to us.
If it fits, Puff sits.
Puff calls dibs.
Puff has a pen name.
I miss this shirt not having holes in it. They changed the track shirts for Harris Hill and I like the old ones better.
Fluffy, Queen of Pit Lane.
Potterlump? Potterlump.
Puff looks skeptical of the “Corvette” that isn’t a Corvette.
Puff drives the cars.
Everybody loves Puff.
Hurley Haywood met my bunny.
It’s so SHINY.
Florida is nice, but Fluffy lives in Texas. Visit us, too.
Bench for Puff.
Wherein we decide the Starworks dudes are cool.
“Hi. I sit on things, too.”
Staring into the abyss.
Jason Hart: also cool.
Mmm. Yes.
This was my desktop at work for ages when I had a regular 9 to 5 desk job. #PlacesStefWouldRatherBe: Porsche.
Bit bright in this one.
Almost matches the tire markings.
Best looking car there that isn’t the Brumos Porsche? Yes.
Matt Bell: also pretty cool.